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           WhizBang® provides the look of professional quality hand lettering at the touch of a computer keyboard. It might not make the careful craftsmanship of professional letterers obsolete, but WhizBang provides a great simulation of comics lettering that can meet the needs of amateur, semi-professional and commercial comics publishers alike. Even professional letterers will find it useful for quickly breaking a story down into a lettered form that takes more than a second look to distinguish it from the "real thing." Comics enthusiasts can enjoy the look of the comics for their informal documents, or for trying out their own gag strips or comics stories. WhizBang even includes a collection of various types of word balloons (speaking, thinking, exclamation, wavy, and block styles) in encapsulated Postscript (EPS) format to help create quick panel layouts!           

(Sample) The best programs
for using WhizBang are:

Adobe In Design
Adobe Illustrator (sample at left)
Adobe Photoshop (sample at left)
Corel Draw
Quark Express

Word processors like
Microsoft Word are ok,
but not as useful
as those listed above

           There are a lot of hand lettering fonts on the market, but WhizBang is designed to specifically emulate the look of comics. Along with the standard roman weight, WhizBang comes with an oblique style, bold, and slanted bold (best for comics-style word stresses). The fonts also have built in kerning (for those applications that support it), so the letterfit is snug and seamless!           

Available for Microsoft Windows and MacOS / Mac OS X.
The WhizBang package includes both Type 1 and TrueType formats.

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